From my earliest memories of saving fallen birds and homeless squirrels to present day memberships with animal rights organizations, to becoming an ethical vegan after being a lifelong vegetarian, animals are strongly intertwined with my life and artistic output.

After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, I lived in California for several years. While there, I spent time volunteering at a wildlife reserve in the Angeles Crest National Forest. This fed my desires to further help and preserve the lives of animals in need.Unfortunately a career as a veterinarian or zoologist was out of the question…needles, blood, and operations- not my thing..so, through art, I use my voice.

Now, as a mother, I am raising my vegan daughter to have awareness of the ongoing plight of animals used by humans for food, clothing, entertainment, and testing. I am nurturing her innately deep love for their wellbeing, and that of our planet. I hope that within her lifetime, there will be a major shift away from how the human species dominates and uses all other species. My daughter, at age 6, is already a very outspoken advocate for the health of our planet and all its wondrous lifeforms. If we do not raise our voices, and our children to use their voices, to protect what they love, how can we expect any real change to occur? 


For me, life without animals to love, is a life not fully lived.  Animals inspire me with their innate beauty and endless variety. They have the ability to make me laugh and cry, feel love, and to be intensely protective and respectful towards their very existence.  These are some of the qualities I aim to reflect in my work.
I work primarily in pencil - graphite and color. I enjoy the sensitivity these tools offer and their easy accessibility.
Through my artistic voice I continue to help fund animal welfare organizations, create more awareness and fuel the growing environmental and animal rights initiatives out there. I want to aid in the healing of our planet and to inspire compassionate living in my fellow human animals.

Artist Statement


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